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MLBA Hall of Fame

The Minnesota Livestock Breeders’ Association Hall of Fame was created in 1934 to honor people who have contributed greatly to the livestock industry in Minnesota.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations are divided into two categories: Breeder and Service. Nominations of women (both categories) or husband/wife combinations (breeder only) are encouraged.

The nomination process does not have to be extensive. Give a name and three to five statements about why your nominee is qualified. Relate qualifications to the criteria (listed below) for each category. The Hall of Fame committee will seek further information as necessary.

Nomination Information

General Information

  • The nomination form can be downloaded at any time (link below).
  • Nominations open on October 1 of the year prior to consideration.
  • Nominations close on December 1 of the year prior to consideration.
  • The Awards Committee will meet in December to consider nominations.
  • All nominations will be saved and considered for future years.
  • No individual (or wife/husband team) will be considered unless he/she has been nominated for the award.

Breeder Criteria

  • Excellence as a breeder of purebred and commercial livestock.
  • Contributions to local, state, and national organizations.
  • Leadership in other organizations.
  • Contributions to youth programs.

Service Criteria

  • This award will be presented to an individual who has provided exceptional service to livestock producers.
  • Service may include educational activities, leadership in livestock organizations, participation in livestock related activities by persons in industry, or other persons who have provided service to livestock producers.
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Hall of Fame Inductees

1.J. C. Curryer, Lake Crystal1934
2.Joseph Tyson, Redwood Falls1934
3.John J. Furlong, Austin1934
4.Thomas H. Canfield, Lake Park1934
5.Charles Patton Craig, Duluth1934
6.John B. Irwin, Minneapolis1934
7.L. E. Potter, Springfield1934
8.Thomas E. Cashman, Owatonna1934
9.Frank E. Millard, Canby1934
10.W. S. Moscrip, Lake Elmo1934
11.William A. McKerrow, Minneapolis1934
12.C. W. Glotfelter, Waterville1934
13.Charles B. Crandall, Randolph1934
14.Louis W. Orr, Hastings1934
15.Arthur Cooper, St. Cloud1934
16.Leslie Smith, St. Cloud1935
17.Christopher Graham, Rochester1935
18.Herbert L. Hartley, Duluth1936
19.E. P. Miller, Northfield1936
***1937 to 1947 - No Inductees - Special awards were given to Livestock Production Record Winners in cooperation with the Extension Division.
20.E. E. Novak, New Prague1948
21.James H. Aultfather, Austin1948
22.F. E. Murphy, Minneapolis1948
23.Finlay McMartin, Claremont1948
24.Walter H. Peters, St. Paul1949
25.Marcus D. Munn, St. Paul1949
26.Henry A. Derenthal, Wykoff1949
27.Joseph S. Montgomery, St. Paul1950
28.William T. Foley, St. Paul1950
29.John Seneca Jones, St. Paul1951
30.Andrew Boss, St. Paul1952
31.Frank B. Astroth, St. Paul1953
32.John Hartle, Owatonna1953
33.Leslie Vance Wilson, Owatonna1954
34.Evan F. Ferrin, St. Paul1955
35.James B. Fitch, St. Paul1955
36.John L. Olson, Worthington1956
37.Phillip S. Jordan, Morris1956
38.Norris K. Carnes, St. Paul1957
39.William E. Morris, St. Paul1957
40.Axel Hansen, Minneapolis1958
41.James L. O'Connell, LeCenter1960
42.Alfred J. Lashbrook, Northfield1960
43.Casper Peterson, Northfield1961
44.Alfred L. Harvey, St. Paul1962
45.Rudolph C. Juhl, Luverne1962
46.W. E. Petersen, St. Paul1963
47.R. E. Hodgson, Waseca1964
48.Charles Ewald, Waldorf1965
49.W. L. Boyd, St. Paul1966
50.Lewis A. Campbell, Utica1967
51.Harold R. Searles, St. Paul1968
52.Henry G. Zavoral, St. Paul1968
53.Arthur H. Jergens, Hutchinson1969
54.Carroll R. Plager, Austin1970
55.Harold A. Saettre, Kasson1970
56.William H. Kircher, St. Paul1971
57.Lester E. Hanson, St. Paul1971
58.Arthur G. Sprengeler, Plato1973
59.Frank A. Duerst, Lyle1974
60.Stanley Campbell, Utica1975
61.Garth E. Miller, St. Paul1975
62.Martin Annexstad, St. Peter1976
63.Elmer R. Jones, LeSueur1976
64.Robert E. Jacobs, St. Paul1977
65.George Lorenz, Wells1977
66.Howard C. H. Kernkamp, St. Paul1978
67.William B. Williams, Rochester1978
68.Evan D. Busse, LeSueur1979
69.Olaf J. Kjome, Spring Grove1979
70.Paul Pierson, Lake City1980
71.Harlin Hanks, Winnebago1980
72.James Bryan, Red Wing1981
73.Ralph Wayne, St. Paul-
74.Russell Wirt, Lewiston1982
75.Arno Moenning, Dodge Center1982
76.Jack Delaney, Lake Benton1983
77.Lyle Lamphere, South St. Paul1983
78.Keith Thurston, Madelia1984
79.Alden Booren, Marine on St. Croix1984
80.Bert & Gert Schwinghammer, Albany1984
81.Gordon Fickett, Shoreview1985
82.Robert C. Miller, Harmony1985
83.Herman J. Vossen, Windom1986
84.Eugene L. Rollings, Lake Crystal1986
85.Harley E. Hanke, Morris1987
86.Edward Drewitz, Faribault1987
87.Leonard Wulf, Morris1988
88.John C. Phillips, Austin1988
89.Oliver Marti, Sleepy Eye1989
90.Lyle Stephensen, Rose Creek1989
91.Eldo Bentley, Twin Valley1990
92.Eugene Holst, Austin1990
93.Robert Jordan, St. Paul1990
94.James Grass, Owatonna1991
95.Harold Krause, Eagle Bend1991
96.Don Paulson, Bloomington1991
97.Myron Aultfather, Austin1992
98.Eugene Pichner, Owatonna1992
99.Win Streiff, Buffalo1992
100.Richard & Bonnie, Compart1993
101.Conrad Kvamme, Arlington1993
102.John (Jack) Morris, Glenwood1993
103.Michael Caskey, Pipestone1994
104.David Kjome, Rochester1994
105.Karl & John Mueller, Arlington1994
106.James Foss, Kenyon1995
107.Richard Goodrich, St. Paul1995
108.Maurice Grogan, Marine on St. Croix1995
109.Harlin Hecht, Paynesville1996
110.Lester Schafer, Buffalo Lake1996
111.J. William Mudge, Roseville1996
112.Ray Nicolai, Hampton1997
113.DuWayne Swenson, Dawson1997
114.Benjamin Pomeroy, St. Paul1997
115.David Pierson, Lake City1998
116.Eugene Schrader, Northfield1998
117.Ray Arthaud, St. Paul1998
118.Don Otterby, New Brighton1999
119.Harriet Brown, Hastings1999
120.Laurence Winters, St. Paul1999
121.Cliff Bussler, Brownton1999
122.Roger & Floyd Marti, Sleepy Eye2000
123.Robert Schafer, Mahnomen2000
124.Larry Tande, Medford2000
125.Jim & Elaine Teske, Spring Valley2001
126.Melvin Sprengeler, Plato2001
127.Paul M. Day, Northfield2001
128.Lynda & LeRoy Antonsen, LeSueur2002
129.Thomas Hagerty, St. Michael2002
130.John Grass Jr., LeRoy2002
131.Gerald Bratland, Spring Grove2003
132.Jerry Hawton, New Brighton2003
133.Howard & Marian Heins, Oronoco2003
134.Chuck Bobendrier, Pipestone2004
135.Jeanne & Doug Tuman, Hutchinson2004
136.Juanita Reed-Boniface & Dick Boniface, Cedar2004
137.Chuck Christians, New Brighton2005
138.Mark Frederickson, Starbuck2005
139.Ed Graham, St. Paul2005
140.Kent Thiesse, Lake Crystal2006
141.Robert Appleman, St. Paul2006
142.Gerald Kennedy, Pipestone2006
143.Loren Olson, Hutchinson2006
144.Karen & Mike Schiller, Freeport2007
145.Benjamin Bartusek, New Prague2007
146.Jan & Gerald Albrecht, Watertown2007
147.Ron Eustice, Savage2008
148.Dave & Kathy Skiba, North Branch2008
149.Gary Morrison, Osakis2008
150.Dean Myhre, Caledonia2009
151.Gene Cross, Sherburn2009
152.Marlin Berg, Pipestone2009
153.Lynn Aggen, Harmony2010
154.Steve Tuman, Watkins2010
155.Wallace Miller, New Prague2010
156.Steve Pooch, Marine on St. Croix2010
157.David Joos Jr., Hancock2011
158.Randy & Kari Drinkall, Rushford2011
159.Jay Meiske, Victoria2011
160.Jim Crawford, Mountain Lake2011
161.Frank Schiefelbein, Kimball2012
162.Ed Frederick, Waseca2012
163.Gene Sanford, Faribault2012
164.John Shelstad, Kenyon2013
165.Chuck Will, Underwood2013
166.Matt & Pam Hendel, Caledonia2014
167.Mel Fahning, Rochester2014
168.Jim Nesseth, Lakefield2014
169.Jerry Wulf, Hancock2014
170.Dean, Jim, & Chris Compart, Nicollet2014
171.Dr. Les Hansen, St. Paul2015
172.Joe & Evelyn Stransky, Owatonna2015
173.Russel Seath, Owatonna2015
174.Mark & Al Schmitt, Rice2015
175.Dave Sprengeler, Plato2016
176.Vincent and Christine Maefsky, Scandia2016
177.R. James Ertl, Rosemount2016
178.W.J. Kortesmaki, New Hope2016
179.David and Donna Anderson, Lester Prairie2017
180.John Reed, Brooten2017
181.Herb Filk, Hutchinson2017
182.Mike Kruger, Woodbury2018
183.Les and Jo Olson, Spring Valley2018
184.Leland Thiesen, Windom2018
185.Dar Giess, Pierz2019
186.Paul and Melanie Fritsche, New Ulm2019
187.Mark Goodrich, Minnesota State Fair2019
188.Walter Schultz, Nicollet2019
189.Normen and Doris Peterson, Wykoff2020
190.Robert and Jeannette Sheehan, Rochester2020
191.Randy Morris, Austin2020
192.Tom Hook, Tracy2020
***2021 - No inductees due to pandemic.***

MLBA Hall of Fame

Dean Myhre

Dean has been breeding purebred Hampshire hogs and exhibiting at the Minnesota State Fair since 1962, showing boars, open gilts, bred gilts and production derby barrows. He has shown numerous champions over that 46 year span. Another of his State Fair highlights is his daughter exhibiting the Grand Champion 4-H barrow. Dean has also financially supported the 4-H Purple Ribbon Auction as well as donating trophies for the State Fair 4-H swine show.

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150. Dean Myhre

Inducted in 2009. Caledonia

Gene Cross

Gene was raised on a diversified livestock farm in Martin County that had grade Guernsey cattle. At the age of nine he was given a grade Guernsey heifer calf, which he eventually sold to purchase his first registered Guernsey heifer calf. His herd slowly started to grow from there. After graduation from high school, he began farming, as he had rented 80 acres of land when he was a senior. He married Ione in 1953 and they rented a farm only ¼ mile from where he was raised.

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151. Gene Cross

Inducted in 2009. Sherburn

Marlin Berg

Marlin first became interested in livestock at a young age at his home farm in Willmar. During his high school years he became involved in 4-H and FFA with formal agricultural education at Willmar High School. He was active in livestock, meats and Parli Pro and speaking contests earning a State Farmer Degree. He continued his livestock education at the University of Minnesota and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education in 1959. While pursuing his career as Vocation Agriculture Instructor he received his Master of Science degree in Agriculture Education at South Dakota State University in 1968.

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152. Marlin Berg

Inducted in 2009. Pipestone

Lynn Aggen

Dr. Aggen grew up on a farm in southwest Minnesota near Rushmore. He attended the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine graduating in 1973. He and his wife Barb moved to Harmony, MN and joined the Harmony Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Aggen has owned and operated Oak Meadow Farm since 1977. Oak Meadow began with 80 acres and a few crossbred cows but started specializing in purebred Simmental beef cattle in 1981 when sons Matthew and Mark began showing Simmental heifers in 4-H. The herd grew when their other children Mary and Michael also started showing cattle.

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153. Lynn Aggen

Inducted in 2010. Harmony

Steve Tuman

Steven Tuman, along with his wife Nancy, own and operate Willow Wells farm, in the area of Watkins, MN. They have been on this farm for the past 19 years, as they moved their dairy operation from Glencoe in 1991, where they breed and raise registered Brown Swiss. The Tuman family consists of son Scott, wife Tracie and their three children, who live in Woodbury, MN; daughter Holly Tuman-Anderson and husband Casey, and son Reece who live close to the dairy farm in Watkins, MN.

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154. Steve Tuman

Inducted in 2010. Watkins

Wallace Miller

Wally was a county agricultural agent in the early 1940’s when he and some farmers from Scott and LeSueur counties formed the Minnesota Valley Breeders Association. The farmers suggested that they locate their jointly owned sires at one place and that their cows be inseminated artificially. They moved into a vacant building, stalls for the bulls were installed and a semen collection room and laboratory set up. They started operating in 1941.

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155. Wallace Miller

Inducted in 2010. New Prague

Steve Pooch

Steve grew up on a farm in Lamberton where they raised hogs, sheep and beef cattle. He was very involved in FFA, serving as chapter president his senior year and was a good judge of meats, as he won the district contest four years in a row. He went on to college at the University of Minnesota and majored in Agriculture Education. His summer job was working at the Minnesota State Fair.

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156. Steve Pooch

Inducted in 2010. Marine on St. Croix

David Joos Jr.

Upon graduation from the University of Minnesota, St. Paul in 1966 with a major in Dairy Science and Agriculture Economics, Dave chose to return to the family farm in Hancock, Minnesota. At that time, there were 20 grade Holsteins bred to an Angus bull. He was introduced to registered Holsteins while at the University through his association with Floyd Marti, Dave Pierson, and Jim Schroeder so he decided to start his own Holstein herd.

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157. David Joos Jr.

Inducted in 2011. Hancock

Randy and Kari Drinkall

Randy and Kari function as a team to care for and promote their herd of registered Jersey cattle. They have bred registered Jerseys for more than 30 years. Along with their three children, Randy and Kari have been active in exhibiting their Jerseys at the Fillmore County Fair, the local Parish show, the 4-H show, the FFA show, and the open class show at the Minnesota State Fair and at World Dairy Expo.

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158. Randy & Kari Drinkall

Inducted in 2011. Rushford

Jay Meiske

Jay C. Meiske was born and reared on a farm near Hartley, Iowa. His experiences on this general livestock farm led to his ardent interest in beef cattle. He was active in 4-H beef projects showing cattle at county fairs, and at the Iowa State Fair, Waterloo Meat Animal Show, and the Chicago International. Meiske graduated from Hartley High School (as valedictorian) in 1948 and earned his Animal Science degrees from Iowa State University (B.S., 1952), Oklahoma State University (M.S., 1953) and Michigan State University (Ph. D., 1957) with a major in Ruminant Nutrition.

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159. Jay Meiske

Inducted in 2011. Victoria

Jim Crawford

James P. Crawford served as the Agriculture Education instructor and FFA advisor at Mountain Lake Public Schools from 1951-1981. His tenure corresponded to a time period where emphasis in the livestock industry was on the development of purebred livestock. Jim supported the purebred livestock industry through livestock shows, livestock judging events and the participation of FFA members in the Minnesota State Fair FFA livestock show.

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160. Jim Crawford

Inducted in 2011. Mountain Lake

Frank Schiefelbein

Frank was born and raised in the Twin Cities, graduated with honors from St. Thomas University with a degree in Math and Science in 1953. He married Frosty in August of 1953. He then served his country as an officer in the US Air Force, Fight Squadron from 1953 to 1955. He and Frosty began farming in Kimball, Minn., and started Schiefelbein Farms in 1956. He purchased his first Angus breeding cattle in 1962 focusing on “performance and carcass traits”. Frank and Frosty raised 9 sons...

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161. Frank Schiefelbein

Inducted in 2012. Kimball

Ed Frederick

Ed grew up in the Madison Lake area on a livestock and dairy farm. He was active in 4-H and was a delegate to the 4-H Congress. He was in FFA at Mankato High School and held a number of offices at the chapter level and received the FFA State Farmer degree. He was also later awarded the Honorary American FFA degree.

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162. Ed Frederick

Inducted in 2012. Waseca

Gene Sanford

Gene was raised on a family farm north of Faribault, Minn. with three siblings. He is the 3rd generation to farm and raise sheep at this site; Elmer & Elsie Sanford homesteaded the original 80 acres in 1905 with the house and barn (100 years old) still utilized today. Gene’s parents, Howard & Helen Sanford established the registered Dorset breed in Minnesota in the mid 1950’s. Dorsets are the primary breed on the farm; other breeds raised by the family include Oxfords, Southdowns, Shropshires and Hampshires.

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163. Gene Sanford

Inducted in 2012. Faribault